Client Testimonials

Anthony Vessel resolving disputes for satisfied clients

Anthony Vessel is dedicated to reaching the best possible outcome for his clients and is comfortable navigating the mediation process swiftly and efficiently with careful attention to the details that really matter. Here are just a few comments about his performance from some of his many satisfied clients.

Excellent & Caring

Anthony was a pleasure to work with and a huge help in fighting my disability claim. Would highly recommend him.



30 Years on active duty, desert shield- desert storm, 2 combat tours in Iraq and 20 of those 30 years were overseas. Trust is everything. Every Military person needs to know someone has there back! Marc Whitehead Law firm had mine! The law firm guided me and advised me through the whole process of my disability claim, and it was approved! Kimberly Warren who was assigned to my case was my Gunnery Sergeant and I was the Lance Corporal. I would have her in my foxhole any day covering my 6. Teamwork. Gotter done. I recommend that if you are a veteran or civilian needing a lawyer contact Marc Whitehead and make sure u ask for Kimberly Warren, I trust her, she will help you! I cannot say enough that the firm took care of me. I will use them again if I need Lawyer.


Definitely Recommend

John Anthony Vessel …was the attorney that got my VA unemployability for me he was understanding and very knowledgeable about the VA claims process he was quick to return calls and always friendly I had been trying to get my rating for more than 10 years and he did it in a few months I’d recommend him to anyone

Charles Wilson

Social Security Disability Case

Anthony Vessel was my lawyer for my social security disability case. I had been denied SS twice and was feeling hopeless about ever winning. Mr. Vessel assured me that I had a strong case and I could win. He was extremely professional and hard working and I started feeling hopeful about my case. We just had my hearing before a judge in mid August and was favorably granted disability. I’m very grateful for this attorney and will recommend him to anyone.


Excellent Attorney

Mr. Vessel handled a case for me. He was very professional, knowledgeable, dedicated to my case, thorough and kind. He worked really hard for me and got me a result that I am happy with. It was a huge relief to have him fighting in my corner.



You can’t go wrong with Mr. Vessel and his wonderful team, which include Chris Davila and Kimberly Warren. They always have time for you, very patient and they definitely show they care about you. I am so grateful they took my case and I will always refer them to anyone needing help with a disability case. Thank you sir and thank you to your wonderful team. I am forever grateful.


Phenomenal Attorney

I have been disabled for almost 12 years and after several attempts of trying to receive disability they were all unsuccessful until I hired this great attorney team. Upon receiving a appeal they were able to assist me in finally receiving my benefits. I greatly recommend this firm!


Serving the Public Honorably

Mr. Vessel was my Attorney in my Social Security case. I am a 100% disabled Veteran who served In Iraq and my claim had been denied twice . Mr Vessel was very honest and straight forward about how he would proceed with my case and what to expect. Anytime I called with a question he took the time to explain what I need to know. He was very profession but made me feel that he personally cared about my well being leading up to my actual court date. After receiving a favorable outcome from the court hearing he went the extra mile to call me and chat about what to expect going forward . I he came off to me as a honest and fair person who’s intentions are good.

Kevin Ragland


Anthony was amazing! He went above and beyond explaining the mediation process and how to prepare for the hearing. I am so thankful for his expertise. I would highly recommend Anthony Vessel and Marc Whitehead Associates. Additionally Chris Davila was outstanding from the beginning of the process to handing off my case to Anthony Vessel. Chris guided me in ensuring that I had the needed documents to support my case. I had many questions and Chris answered them all! I would highly recommend Chris Davila and Marc Whitehead Associates. The Marc Whitehead firm has a provided me with the best legal experience!


SSDI Review

I assked a well respeccted law firm in a Houston suburb for a recommendation on a disability law firm. They recommended March Whitehead and Assoicates. My research on the internet had put them on the top of the list before the call to the local law firm. I was contacted by Mr. Anthony Vessel at Whitehead and Assoicates. My daughter’s disability case had complications based on her disability from birth but her ability to get a job with a company in Houston where she still works after 30 years. There was also impairment related expenses involving parental transportation. Mr. Vessel graciously took his time with me and led me down a defined plan on pursuing a course of action. His in depth knowleddge of Disability Law is top notch. Beyond work experience, what truly impresssed me were two other qualities that are not uniformly found in lawyers regardless of the type of law. Mr. Vessel was very patient in hearing my interpretations of the law and carefully explaining his agreements and more importantly disagreements with my own assessments. Quite candidly Disability Law is beyond my 40+ years of working with top notch lawyers as a financial and acounting officer with primarily publicly held companies in Houston. My experience with The Social Security Administration is that it s a regulatory body that your lawyer better know the “cracks” to win a case because the SSA is totally “by the book”. Probably the most unique quality of Mr. Vessel’s approach was a constant compassion for knowing what I was going through….this involves my daughter and like all fathers, one thing is at the top of the list, protect your kids. Mr. Vessel completely understood the emotionality of the claim and constantly had a consoleing demeanor when I would occatioionally fell like “why can’t SSA accept this fact?”. I hope this does justice to explaining why I give the highest recommendation to Mr. Anthony Vessel in the challenging area of Diability/Social Security Law.


5 Star Rating with 100% Approval

Mr. Vessel is a very efficient and effective attorney. He handled my case diligently with the utmost respect to my needs as a client. He assisted me in achieving a resolution I had hoped for and I couldn’t be more satisfied! His willingness to listen with empathy and his ability to effectively communicate during such difficult and trying times was such a relief! I can’t thank him enough! I highly recommend him for your legal needs!


Amazing Experience

Anthony was a blessing and understood my disability’s and insured I was comfortable with each phase of the case. He went above and beyond explaining mediation process. Anthony was a true partner in my case and key to driving the final decision into a favorable decision. I am so great full for his expertise in the law. The Marc Whitehead firm has a provided me with the best legal experience. I would highly recommend Anthony Vessel and Marc Whitehead Associates.


A Blessing!

Mr. Vessel developed my case thoroughly and spent time (as long as I needed) with me to prepare for my ALJ hearing. He extended such encouragement, support and kindness throughout the entire process. He demonstrated such professionalism and knowledge, I just knew I was in excellent hands! He won my case! I am so thankful, so grateful and so blessed to have you by my side!


Won Disability Case

I have worked with Mr. Vessell for the last few years. He has stayed devoted to my case, the whole time. I was awarded my disability case because of Anthony’s dedication and hard work. I’m so thankful to him for pushing through to get this case won. He genuinely cares about the people he represents!


Excellent Lawyer

Mr. Vessel got my Aetna disability money for me I just want to say he is a wonderful lawyer. I want to say thank you.


The Best of the Best! Absolute Life Saver!!

My daughter and I worked directly with Mr. John Anthony Vessel to apply for benefits on my daughters behalf. In the past, my daughter’s father and I worked directly with Marc Whitehead. All I can say is that they both have truly saved our lives. The actual caring about you and what the outcome will be, the knowledge, the ability to answer any question, to guide you through the entire process, to show empathy, and still be 100% professional. That is just a little of what describes how wonderful both of these men are. I did not have any other options with my daughter who just turned 21. She has inherited the same disabilities that her father struggled with. After her father passed away, everything worsened with her. I thought I would have to work until I was 80 in order to take care of her, and then what would she do when I was gone? Today, with Anthony’s help, I found out that I would not have to totally support her for the “rest of my life.” There are no words to describe the relief/weight that has been lifted off me. We are so so blessed. All I can say is a simple Thank You for being there to help those that need the help AND for changing the lives of people in dire need. God Bless!!


Social Security Disability

John Vessel and his paralegals did an amazing job for me. The social security denied my claim. John had all of my medical history from the VA. John did outstanding work to win my case. He answered all of my questions prior to and after the court hearing. I would refer John to anyone that is having any difficulty applying for benefits with the Social Security Administration. Great job John! Thank you!


Very Happy With Results

I hired Marc Whitehead and Associates to represent me with my Appeal with Social Security. I couldn’t be happier with how Anthony handled my Appeal. He went above and beyond for me resulting in a win. I highly recommend Anthony for a Social Security Appeal.


Truly Wonderful Attorney

Anthony is caring and makes sure you understand all your options. For someone I only dealt with on the phone, it sure felt like he cared about me as if we were friends from the same neighborhood. Anthony helped me avoid mediation and get a better than expected settlement. I couldn’t be more pleased! I would recommend Anthony Vessel to anyone needing someone to fight for what they feel like they are owed and deserve. He is your man!!


Disability Case Won

John first of all made me feel at ease, which was important to me due to extreme anxiety and Crohn’s disease,and presented my case flawlessly! I was awarded benefits and my thanks goes out to the Marc Whitehead & associates as well. A true professional who is very compassionate…


Disabilty Case

Following his stroke, my husband was no longer able to be gainfully employed. After two denials for disability, we contacted Marc Whitehead’s office. Jaime Almaguer has been a wealth of information and extremely supportive as well as efficient. Anthony Vessel was very professional, patient, and supportive as well and successfully attained the disability needed for my husband. Thank you for everything!